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Transfer prices (one-way)

From To Seville To Cadiz
Seville Airport or train station 56€ 150€
Jerez airport 150€ 60€
Malaga airport 236€ 195€
Malaga airport group shuttle (only summer) 50€



Other information

Terms and conditions

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before proceeding.

General Conditions:

You can either fill in the on-line form on our web page or complete the PDF enrolment form and send it by post or fax to clic ih. Please take into account start dates per level and for public holidays, please see starting dates. After contacting you, on receipt of your deposit we will reserve your course and accommodation.
By return post, fax or e-mail you will receive confirmation of your course and outstanding fees as well as detailed information for your journey and stay. Approximately 10 days before the course starts and once full payment has been received, clic ih will send you the accommodation address (if requested) and a map of the city.

Last minute enrolments: students who enrol fewer than 20 days prior to the course starting date are required to pay all fees upon enrolment.

Payment: Please note payments are only accepted in euro € and must be received by CLIC IH 20 days prior to the course starting date. The following options are available:

International banker's cheque issued to a Spanish bank.

b) Bank transfer (all charges to be paid by the student) to either one of our accounts in:


1) La Caixa: C/ Imagen, 10. 41003 Sevilla.
IBAN (International Banking Account Number):ES27 2100 2143 69 0200093971
BIC (Bank Identification Code): CAIXESBB


Please add 15 € to cover bank charges. Any excess amount will be refunded when the money arrives. All bank fees have to be paid by the student.
Please state your name, destination (Sevilla/Cádiz), type and date of course on all transfer forms.

c) By credit card. If you have already paid the deposit by credit card, please note that CLIC IH will need further authorisation to charge the remaining fees as well.
All credit card payments for accommodation fees are subject to a commission charge of 3% (VISA, MASTERCARD).

Enrolment cancellations:

a) With a minimum of 20 days advance notice, the Centre will reimburse a student full payment less the deposit which will be valid for another course starting during the same year.
b) If notice is given with less than 20 days, then the student will be required to pay two weeks of standard course and accommodation.
c) Students who start but do not finish their programme will not be reimbursed any course fees.
d) Accommodation can be cancelled with a minimum of two weeks advance notice. The school will reimburse the outstanding amount that has not been used, less 15% administration charges.

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